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Characterisation of non-silicon devices

Journal - ACDC

Implied open-circuit voltage imaging via a single bandpass filter method – its first application in perovskite solar cells

Advanced Functional Materials, 2023

A.M. Soufiani, R.L. Chin, P. Fassl, M.A. Mahmud, M. Pollard, J. Zheng, J. Weber, A. Ho-Baillie, T. Trupke, Z. Hameiri

Journal - ACDC

Contactless series resistance imaging of perovskite solar cells via inhomogeneous illumination

Solar RRL, 2021

A.M. Soufiani, Y. Zhu, N. Mussakhanuly, J.S. Yun, T. Trupke, Z. Hameiri

Journal - Joint

Deep-level defect in quasi-vertically oriented CuSbS2 thin film

Solar RRL, 2020

Y. Zhang, J. Huang, X. Zhang, R.L. Chin, M.P. Nielsen, G. Rey, Y. Zeng, H. Kempwerth, Z. Hameiri, N.J. Ekins-Daukes, M.A. Green, X. Hao

Journal - ACDC

Luminescence imaging characterization of perovskite solar cells: A note on the analysis and reporting the results

Advanced Energy Materials, 2018

A.M. Soufiani, J. Kim, A. Ho-Baillie, M.A. Green, Z. Hameiri

Journal - ACDC

Lessons learnt from spatially-resolved electro- and photo-luminescence imaging: Interfacial delamination in CH3NH3PbI3 planar perovskite solar cells upon illumination

Advanced Energy Materials, 2017

A.M. Soufiani, Z. Hameiri, S. Meyer, S. Lim, M.J.Y. Tayebjee, J. Sung, A. Ho-Baillie, G.J. Conibeer, L. Spiccia, M.A. Green

Journal - ACDC

Electro- and photoluminescence imaging as fast screening technique of the layer uniformity and device degradation in planar perovskite solar cells

Journal of Applied Physics, 2016

A.M. Soufiani, M.J.Y. Tayebjee, S. Meyer, A. Ho-Baillie, J. Sung, R.W. McQueen, L. Spiccia, M.A. Green, Z. Hameiri

Journal - ACDC

Photoluminescence and electroluminescence imaging of perovskite solar cells

Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications, 2015

Z. Hameiri, A.M. Soufiani, M.K. Juhl, L.C. Jiang, F.Z. Huang, Y.B. Cheng, H. Kampwerth, J.W. Weber, M.A. Green, T. Trupke

Conference - ACDC

Implied voltage images of each subcell in perovskite/Si tandem solar cells using luminescence measurements

Asia-Pacific Solar Research Conference, 2023

S. Zandi, S. Nie, R.L. Chin, Y. Zhu, J. Weber, J. Zheng, A. Ho-Baillie, T. Trupke, Z. Hameiri


Nominated - Best Student Paper Award

Conference - ACDC

Luminescence-based implied voltage imaging of tandem solar cells via bandpass filter method

34th International Photovoltaic Science and Engineering Conference, 2023

S. Nie, S. Zandi, R.L. Chin, Y. Zhu, J. W. Weber, G. Wang, J. Zheng, A. Ho-Baillie, Z. Hameiri


Conference - ACDC

Surface saturation current densities of perovskite thin films from suns-photoluminescence quantum yield measurements

40th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, 2023

R.L. Chin, A.M. Soufiani, P. Fassl, J. Zheng, A. Pusch, E. Choi, A. Ho-Baillie, U. Paetzold, T. Trupke, Z. Hameiri


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