Stay up to date with the ACDC Research Group


Stay up to date with the ACDC Research Group

24 May 2022

Yoann's new paper "Automated efficiency loss analysis by luminescence image reconstruction using generative adversarial networks" has been published in Joule

23 May 2022

Shuai's new paper "Temperature sensitivity maps of silicon wafers from photoluminescence imaging: The effect of gettering and hydrogenation" has been published in Progress in Photovoltaics.

3 May 2022

Shuai was awarded a PhD! Well done Shuai for an amazing feat!

11 Apr 2022

Three nominations for the IEEE PVSC Best Student Award! Anh (two nominations!) and Grace were selected as finalists!

10 Apr 2022

Simon’s new paper “Illumination-dependent temperature coefficients of the electrical parameters of modern silicon solar cell architectures” has been published in Nano Energy.

7 Apr 2022

Did you miss our conference presentations? You can now watch them here.

12 Mar 2022

Shuai's paper was selected as the cover image of Progress in Photovoltaic (April, 2022). Well done Shuai!

11 Mar 2022

uRob’s new paper “Bulk lifetime and doping in crystalline silicon via two-photon absorption time-resolved photoluminescence decay” has been published in the IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics.

6 Feb 2022

Robert won the prestigious National (China) Youth Innovative Talent Award! Congratulations Robert! We are so proud of you!

16 Dec 2021

Anh won the Overall Best Paper Award in the 2021 Asia-Pacific Solar Research Conference!