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University of Oxford


Journal - ACDC

Recombination in passivating contacts: Investigation into the impact of the contact work function on the obtained passivation

Solar RRL, 2023

A.H.T. Le, R.S. Bonilla, L.E. Black, J.P. Seif, T.G. Allen, R. Dumbrell, C. Samundsett, Z. Hameiri

Journal - ACDC

Unravelling the silicon-silicon dioxide interface under different operating conditions

Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 2021

S. Nie, R.S. Bonilla, Z. Hameiri

Conference - ACDC

Temperature dependence of silicon-dielectric interface recombination

49th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, 2022

A.H.T. Le, E.P. Ochoa, R.S. Bonilla, N. Borojevic, Z. Hameiri

Nominated - Best Student Award

Conference - ACDC

Temperature-dependent characterization of Si-SiO2 interface passivation for corona charged oxides

Asia-Pacific Solar Research Conference, 2020

S. Nie, R.S. Bonilla, Z. Hameiri

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