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Conference - ACDC

A “post-mortem” investigation of cell-level degradation in field SHJ modules

Asia-Pacific Solar Research Conference, 2020

S.M.F. Zhang, D.B. Sulas-Kern, R.L Chin, M.E. Pollard, A.M. Soufiani, D.C. Jordan, H.R. Moutinho, I. Perez-Wurfl, Z. Hameiri

Conference - Joint

High efficiency module degradation – From atoms to systems

37th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference, 2020

D.C. Jordan, D.B. Sulas-Kern, S. Johnston, H.R. Moutinho, C. Xiao, C.S. Jiang, M. Young, A.G. Norman, C. Deline, I. Repins, R. Bhoopathy, O. Kunz, Z. Hameiri, C. Sainsbury

Conference - ACDC

Investigation of SHJ module degradation: A post-mortem approach

47th IEEE Photovoltaics Specialists Conference, 2020

S.M.F. Zhang, D. Sulas-Kern, R.L. Chin, M. Pollard, A.M. Soufiani, D.C. Jordan, Z. Hameiri

Nominated - Best Student Award

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