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Priya Dwivedi closer.jpg
Priya Dwivedi closer.jpg
Priya Dwivedi closer.jpg
Priya Dwivedi closer.jpg

Employment experience:

2023 – Now: Research Fellow (UNSW)

2022 – 2023: University tutor (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia)

2011 – 2017: Physics lecturer (Geeta Vidya Mandir Girls College, India)


2019 – 2023: Doctor of Philosophy in Physics (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia)

2017 – 2019: Master of Science in Physics (La Trobe University, Australia)

2009 – 2011: Master of Science in Physics (Maharishi Dayanand University, India)

2006 – 2009: Bachelor in Computer Science (Maharishi Dayanand University, India)

Research interests:

  • Machine learning

  • Computational simulations

  • Electronics

  • Quantum information

  • Fluid dynamics

Why is your research important? 

With a deep dedication to tackling the urgent issues of climate change, my research revolves around harnessing the potential of machine learning to bolster the efficiency and dependability of solar energy systems, ultimately contributing to a sustainable future. By utilising sophisticated algorithms and data-driven methodologies, my aim is to automatically detect and categorise flaws in photovoltaic modules, enabling us to enhance their performance through proactive maintenance. This approach not only reduces expenses but also minimises waste production, promoting a more economically and environmentally sound solution.

What do you like about research?

I find great satisfaction in leveraging emerging computational models to drive tangible real-world outcomes. It is truly fulfilling to realise that my efforts can directly contribute to the progress of renewable energy technologies, facilitating the worldwide shift towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources.

What do you like to do when you are not saving the world?

Cooking, exercising, and spending time with my husband and daughters. I love helping my daughters to shape their values and actions so they grow to be empowered, compassionate, and responsible individuals that can actively contribute to the well-being of this planet (and it works! my elder daughter is playing the role of the Sustainability and Social Justice Leader in her school.

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