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Priya Dwivedi closer.jpg
Priya Dwivedi closer.jpg
Priya Dwivedi closer.jpg
Priya Dwivedi closer.jpg

Employment experience:

2020 – 2022: Research Fellow (UNSW)

2016 – 2023: Engineer, Solar Industrial Research Facility (UNSW)

2015 – 2016: Research Associate (UNSW)

2006 – 2015: Research Assistant (UNSW)


2006 – 2015: Doctor of Philosophy in Photovoltaic Engineering (UNSW)

2001 – 2005: Bachelor of Photovoltaics Engineering (UNSW)

Research interests:

  • Novel passivation techniques for surfaces and contacts 

  • Application of passivated contacts for industrial high efficiency solar cells   

Why is your research important? 

The introduction of passivated contacts in solar cell designs has raised the bar for cell efficiencies in the recent years, demonstrating their potential to become a game changer for the PV industry. To fulfill this, a commercially viable integration of passivated contacts into high volume solar cell manufacturing is required which forms the core purpose of this research. The overall result should provide a technological pathway for PV manufactures to move on from the current low efficiency cell designs to more state-of-the-art concepts demonstrated recently.

What do you like about research?

I have an opportunity to apply my passion, knowledge, and creativity to explore the unknown, not to mention that it is contributing to a wider goal of helping humanity.

What do you like to do when you are not saving the world?

I love to enjoy all that this same world has to offer.

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