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Dr Anh Huy Tuan LE

Priya Dwivedi closer.jpg
Priya Dwivedi closer.jpg
Priya Dwivedi closer.jpg
Priya Dwivedi closer.jpg

Employment experience:

2023 – Now: Research Fellow (UNSW)

2014 – 2017: Graduate research assistant (Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea)

2011 – 2012: Graduate research assistant (University of Science, Vietnam National University)


2018 – 2023: Doctor of Philosophy in Photovoltaic Engineering (UNSW)

2012 – 2018: Master of Science in Engineering (Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea)

2006 – 2010: Bachelor of Science in Materials Science (University of Science, Vietnam)

Research interests:

  • Development of passivating contacts

  • Surface recombination in passivating contacts

  • Quasi-steady-state photoluminescence

  • Temperature coefficient of silicon-based solar cells

Why is your research important?

Although transition metal oxides (TMO)-based solar cells are very promising with regards to device efficiency, TMO passivating contacts have been limited to small devices using deposition techniques that are impractical for industrial applications. My research is to develop TMO passivating contacts using common industrial techniques that can be easily integrated into existing manufacturing capacity. Furthermore, I investigate passivating contacts using advanced characterization techniques to gain a better understanding and more insights into the temperature-dependent performance of these contacts and their devices as well as the surface recombination in these contacts.  

What do you like about research? 

I have chances to work with leading researchers in the field. I also like the flexibility in research topics. Moreover, after a few months of hard work, it is always exciting when my studies attract readers/audiences.

What do you like to do when you are not saving the world?

Cooking Vietnamese food with my partner, traveling.

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