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4th Year Thesis Projects

In the last five years, students who did their thesis with us have published five conference papers and two journal papers. Three of them have won the Best Thesis Award and two have won the Best Taste of Research Award. We make sure you get the best possible supervision. We also make sure you ENJOY the project.

​Characterisation of Solar Cells

  • Photoluminescence imaging with non-uniform illumination

  • Photoluminescence imaging at elevated temperatures

  • Surface passivation at elevated temperatures

  • Advanced measurements of solar cells (temperature dependent Suns-Voc and Suns-PL)

  • Pushing the edge: Investigation of perimeter losses of solar cells using temperature-dependent measurements

  • Let’s go small: Which PV technology is the most suitable for internet of things?

  • Development of novel luminescence-based characterisation methods for perovskite solar cells

  • Development of new characterisation methods for tandem solar cells

​Machine Learning

  • Prediction of electrical parameters based on luminescence images and machine learning

  • Prediction of research directions based on machine learning

  • Optimisation of solar cell manufacturing using machine learning


  • Development of room-temperature high-quality surface passivation

  • Photovoltaic powered internet of things


  • Development of beta-voltaic (BV) batteries for space applications

  • LCA for PV module recycling

  • Modelling agri-photovoltaic in Australia

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