MIT Collaborations

Journal Papers

Recombination parameters of lifetime-limiting carrier-induced defects in multicrystalline silicon for solar cells

Applied Physics Letters, 2017

C. Vargas, Y. Zhu, G. Coletti, C. Chan, D. Payne, M. Jensen, Z. Hameiri

Conference Papers

Defect characterization via temperature and injection dependent lifetime spectroscopy

9th International Workshop on Crystalline Silicon for Solar Cells and the 3rd Silicon Materials Workshop, 2016

Y. Zhu, C.Vargas, M.A. Jensen, M.K. Juhl, G. Coletti, Z. Hameiri


Assessing the defect responsible for LeTID: Temperature- and injection-dependent lifetime spectroscopy

44th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, 2017

M. A. Jensen, Y. Zhu, E. E. Looney, A. E. Morishige, C. Vargas, Z. Hameiri, T. Buonassisi

Defect engineering for material-quality improvements in low-capex crystalline silicon—an application of temperature- and injection-dependent lifetime spectroscopy

MRS Fall Meeting, 2017

M.A. Jensen, Y. Zhu, K. Nakajima, M. Juhl, A. Youssef, E.E. Looney, Z. Hameiri, R. Sander, T. Buonassisi


Investigating the different degradation behavior of multicrystalline silicon PERC and Al-BSF solar cells

7th World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion, 2018

M. Jensen, H.S. Laine, Y. Zhu, C. Vargas, Z. Liu, J.B. Li, Z. Hameiri, T. Buonassisi