Journal Publications 2021

ACDC Papers

Outdoor implied current-voltage measurements of an individual encapsulated cell in a module

IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 2021

R. Bhoopathy, O. Kunz, R. Dumbrell, T. Trupke, Z. Hameiri

Electrical characterization of thermally activated defects in n-type float-zone silicon

IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 2021

Y. Zhu, F. Rougieux, N.E. Grant, J.A.T. De Guzman, J.D. Murphy, V.P. Markevich, G.Coletti, A.R. Peaker, Z. Hameiri

On the Correlation between Light-Induced Degradation and Minority Carrier Traps in Boron-Doped Czochralski Silicon

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

S. Jafari, Y. Zhu, F. Rougieux, J. A. T. De Guzman, V. P. Markevich, A. R. Peaker, Z. Hameiri

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