Journal Publications 2021

ACDC Papers

Outdoor implied current-voltage measurements of an individual encapsulated cell in a module

IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 2021

R. Bhoopathy, O. Kunz, R. Dumbrell, T. Trupke, Z. Hameiri

Electrical characterization of thermally activated defects in n-type float-zone silicon

IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 2021

Y. Zhu, F. Rougieux, N.E. Grant, J.A.T. De Guzman, J.D. Murphy, V.P. Markevich, G.Coletti, A.R. Peaker, Z. Hameiri

On the correlation between light-induced degradation and minority carrier traps in boron-doped Czochralski silicon

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2021

S. Jafari, Y. Zhu, F. Rougieux, J. A. T. De Guzman, V. P. Markevich, A. R. Peaker, Z. Hameiri

Review of injection dependent charge carrier lifetime spectroscopy

Progress in Energy, 2021

Y. Zhu, Z. Hameiri

Unravelling the silicon-silicon dioxide interface under different operating conditions

Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 2021

S. Nie, R.S. Bonilla, Z. Hameiri

Temperature-dependent performance of silicon solar cells with polysilicon passivating contacts

Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 2021

A.H.T. Le, R. Basnet, D. Yan, W. Chen, N. Nandakumar, S. Duttagupta, J.P. Seif, Z. Hameiri

Spatially resolved defects parameters of the D1 dislocation center in silicon using temperature- and injection-dependent hyperspectral photoluminescence mapping

Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 2021

R.L. Chin, M. Pollard, Z. Hameiri

Sub-nanoscale investigation of the interface between c-Si and PECVD AlOx and its effect on surface passivation

IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 2021

K. Kim, N. Nandakumar, X. Zheng, S. Lim, Z. Hameiri

Joint Papers

Identification of embedded nanotwins at c-Si/a-Si:H interface limiting the performance of high-efficiency silicon heterojunction solar cells

Nature Energy, 2021

X. Qu, Y. He, M. Qu, T. Ruan, F. Chu, Z. Zheng, Y. Ma, Y. Chen, X. Ru, X. Xu, H. Yan, L. Wang, Y. Zhang, X. Hao, Z. Hameiri, Z.G. Chen, L. Wang, K. Zheng

Photoconductance determination of carrier capture cross sections of slow traps in silicon through variable pulse filling

IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 2021

M. Siriwardhana, Y. Zhu, Z. Hameiri, D. Macdonald, F. Rougieux

Investigation of the selectivity-mechanism of copper (I) sulfide (Cu2S) as a dopant-free carrier selective contact for silicon solar cells

Applied Surface Science, 2021

Z. Sun, C. Yi, Z. Hameiri, S. Bremner

Enhanced hole-carrier selectivity in wide bandgap halide perovskite PV devices for indoor IoT applications

Advanced Functional Materials, 2021

M. Lee, E. Choi, A. Mahboubi Soufiani, J. Lim, M. Kim, D. Chen, M.A. Green, J. Seidel, S. Lim, J. Kim, X. Dai, R. Lee-Chin, B. Zheng, Z. Hameiri, J. Park, X. Hao, and J.S. Yun