Journal Publications 2018

ACDC Papers

Outdoor photoluminescence imaging of photovoltaic modules with sunlight excitation

Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications, 2018

R. Bhoopathy, O. Kunz, M.K. Juhl, T. Trupke, Z. Hameiri

Luminescence imaging characterization of perovskite solar cells: A note on the analysis and reporting the results

Advanced Energy Materials, 2018

A.M. Soufiani, J. Kim, A. Ho-Baillie, M.A. Green, Z. Hameiri

Carrier-induced degradation in multicrystalline silicon: Dependence on the silicon nitride passivation layer and hydrogen released during firing

IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 2018

C. Vargas, K. Kim, G. Coletti, D. Payne, C. Chan, S. Wenham, Z. Hameiri

On the transient negative photoconductance in n-type Czochralski silicon

IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 2018

Y. Zhu, M.K. Juhl, G. Coletti, Z. Hameiri

The principle of adaptive excitation for photoluminescence imaging of silicon: Theory

Physica Status Solidi - Rapid Research Letters, 2018

F.D. Heinz, Y. Zhu, Z. Hameiri, M. Juhl, T. Trupke, M.C. Schubert

Extracting metal contact recombination parameters from effective lifetime data

IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 2018

R. Dumbrell, M.K. Juhl, T. Trupke, Z. Hameiri

Photoluminescence imaging at uniform excess carrier density using adaptive nonuniform excitation

IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 2018

Y. Zhu, F.D. Heinz, M. Juhl, M.C. Schubert, T. Trupke, Z. Hameiri

Joint Papers

Exploring inorganic binary alkaline halide to passivate defects in low-temperature-processed planar-structure hybrid perovskite solar cells

Advanced Energy Materials, 2018

X. Liu, Y. Zhang, L. Shi, Z. Liu, J. Huang, J.S. Yun, Y. Zeng, A. Pu, K. Sun, Z. Hameiri, J.A. Stride, J. Seidel, M.A. Green, X. Hao

Cu2ZnSnS4 solar cells with over 10% power conversion efficiency enabled by heterojunction heat treatment

Nature Energy, 2018

C. Yan, J. Huang, K. Sun, S. Johnston, Y. Zhang, H. Sun, A. Pu, M. He, F. Liu, K. Eder, L. Yang, J. Cairney, N. Ekins-Daukes, Z. Hameiri, J.A. Stride, S. Chen, M. Green, X. Hao

Impact of dark annealing on the kinetics of light- and elevated temperature-induced degradation

IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 2018

S. Liu, D. Payne, C. Vargas, D. Chen, M. Kim, C. Sen, U. Varshney, Z. Hameiri, C. Chan, M. Abbott, and S. Wenham