Journal Publications 2014

Joint Papers

Interlaboratory study of eddy-current measurement of excess-carrier recombination lifetime

IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 2014

A.L. Blum, J.S. Swirhun, R.A. Sinton, F. Yan, S. Herasimenka, T. Roth, K. Lauer, J. Haunschild, B. Lim, K. Bothe, Z. Hameiri, B. Seipel, R. Xiong, M. Dhamrin, J.D. Murphy

The impact of SiO2/SiNx stack thickness on laser doping of silicon solar cell

IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 2014

L. Xu, K. Weber, A. Fell, Z. Hameiri, S.P. Phang, X. Yang, E. Franklin

Contactless determination of the carrier mobility sum in silicon wafers using combined photoluminescence and photoconductance measurements

Applied Physics Letters, 2014

Z. Hameiri, F. Rougieux, R. Sinton, T. Trupke

Hybrid silver nanoparticle and transparent conductive oxide structure for silicon solar cell applications

Physica Status Solidi – Rapid Research Letters, 2014

M. Huang, Z. Hameiri, H. Gong, W.C. Wong, A.G. Aberle, T. Mueller

Novel non-metallic non-acidic approach to generate sub-wavelength surface structures for inline-diffused multicrystalline silicon wafer solar cells

Applied Surface Science, 2014

P. Basu, S. Chakraborty, Z. Hameiri, M. Boreland

Accurate potential drop sheet resistance measurements of laser-doped areas in semiconductors

Journal of Applied Physics, 2014

M. Heinrich, S. Kluska, S. Binder, Z. Hameiri, B. Hoex, A.G. Aberle