Journal Publications 2013

Joint Papers

Uncertainty in photoconductance measurements of the emitter saturation current

IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 2013

A. Thomson, Z. Hameiri, N. Grant, C. Price, Y. Di, J. Spurgin

Deposition temperature independent excellent passivation of highly boron doped silicon emitters by thermal atomic layer deposited Al2O3

Journal of Applied Physics, 2013

B. Liao, R. Stangl, F. Ma, Z. Hameiri, T. Mueller, D. Chi, A.G. Aberle, C.S. Bhatia, B. Hoex

Effective bulk doping concentration of diffused and undiffused silicon wafers obtained from combined photoconductance and photoluminescence measurements

Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications, 2013

Z. Hameiri, T. Trupke, N. Gao, R.A. Sinton, J.W. Weber

Spatially resolved electrical parameters of silicon wafers and solar cells by contactless photoluminescence imaging

Applied Physics Letters, 2013

Z. Hameiri, P. Chaturvedi

Imaging the local ideality factor by contactless photoluminescence measurement

Applied Physics Letters, 2013

Z. Hameiri, P. Chaturvedi, K. McIntosh

18.7% efficient in-line diffused screen-printed silicon wafer solar cells with deep homogeneous emitter etch-back

Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 2013

P. Basu, Z. Hameiri, D. Sarangi, J. Cunnusamy, E. Carmona, M. Boreland

Evaluation of recombination processes using the local ideality factor of carrier lifetime measurements

Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 2013

Z. Hameiri, K. McIntosh, G. Xu

Extracting physical properties of arbitrarily shaped laser-doped micro-scale areas in semiconductors

Applied Physics Letters, 2013

M. Heinrich, S. Kluska, Z. Hameiri, B. Hoex, A. Aberle